Research integrity
and transparency

UKHSA considers research integrity and transparency as core values that are central to research practice and is committed to ensuring they are rooted in its research culture and activity.

Research integrity

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Research integrity

UKHSA recognises and endorses the Concordat to Support Research Integrity as published by Universities UK, and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of research.

Scientific integrity is essential for the conduct and planning of research, the recording and reporting of results, and the publication of findings. All UKHSA researchers are required to undertake their work with honesty, rigour, transparency and care for the subjects of their research. These values are central to a healthy research culture and ensure high quality research with results that can be trusted.

Open Access and Open Science

Open access and open science.

Open Access and Open Science

We support the principles of open access and open science, because we recognise the benefits they can bring to public health.

These benefits include the ability to rapidly disseminate and provide a global equity of access to the outputs of research, which can aid evidence-based public health policy and practice, and the development of new research.

To support these principles we have created an open access policy and have implemented an institutional repository, where the peer-reviewed outputs of research can be made open access for the benefit of public health and society.

Research with animals

UKHSA is a signatory on the Understanding Animal Research (UAR) Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK. As signatories, the Concordat requires UKHSA:

  1. Be clear about when, how and why we use animals in research.
  2. Enhance our communications with the media and the public about our research using animals.
  3. Be proactive in providing opportunities for the public to find out about research using animals.
  4. Report on progress annually and share our experiences.
Read our report on animal research

Notice to everybody who has participated in Public Health England research, surveillance or evaluation studies.

On 1 April 2021, Public Health England (PHE) was replaced by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). From 1st October PHE ceased to exist and its functions were transferred to new homes within the health system. If you have a question relating to your involvement in a previous PHE led study or if you need to find out more about an historic PHE led study please contact us at