Partnerships and

We support ongoing and new relationships, collaborations and partnerships with universities, industry and international agencies, that incorporate the input from the public and communities.

NIHR Health Protection Research Units

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has invested £58.7 million in research to protect the public from health threats such as antimicrobial resistance, air pollution and infectious diseases.

The NIHR Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs) are partnerships between UKHSA and academia that undertake high quality research that enhances the ability of UKHSA to use innovative techniques to protect the public’s health and minimise the health impact of emergencies.

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Working with industry

UKHSA can provide your organisation with access to world-leading expertise in research and development across a broad range of activities that prevent and reduce of the effect of diseases and chemical and radiation hazards.

Please contact our Business Development Team who have in depth knowledge of our organisation’s research activities and will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate experts.

Research collaborations and partnership

We work collaboratively with industry across a broad spectrum of research projects. Working with UKHSA will enable your organisation to access unique resources and capabilities and together gain access to funding.


Our consultancy services include access to world leading expertise and/or our comprehensive research facilities.

License our technology

Our intellectual property portfolio of patent families offers commercial licensing opportunities and is available on request.

Training and development

We offer accredited training across a broad range of scientific disciplines from High Containment laboratory training to Radiation Protection training to industry and healthcare sector organisations.