What we do

Science and research are at the core of our mission to protect health from infectious disease and environmental hazards. To succeed at tackling the major challenges that we face including new and emerging infections of high consequence or pandemic potential, climate change, air pollution and antibiotic resistance, we need to strengthen our scientific capabilities and the impact from our scientific work.

Public Health Transformation

The overarching research remit, strategy and portal (providing access to staff details and publications) relate to all areas of activity within Public Health England as predecessor organisation. The period of transition to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) will see a gradual focussing onto health protection research activities, including those from NHS Test and Trace.

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Research strategy

Our scientific work will span the breadth of our mission. We will find solutions to public health problems and accelerate their implementation. We continually evolve adopting new methods and best practice from exploratory science (e.g. understanding mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics to inform the development of new antimicrobials) to research to develop and evaluate interventions and understand how to best implement control programmes.

We will create the ecosystem for a thriving multidisciplinary community of scientists and analysts with access to facilities, resources, high quality data and technology to deliver the country’s strategic needs. We will attract and develop the scientific leaders and capabilities of the future.

A new Science and Research Strategy for UKHSA is under development.

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Our vision for Science and Research

  1. We will recognise and respond to emerging threats to public health through our generation and application of scientific evidence.
  2. We will bring together our multi-disciplinary scientific skills and expertise to tackle the major threats to public health.
  3. We will sustain and develop the nation’s current and future health protection scientific capacity and capability.
  4. We will catalyse the effectiveness of universities, industry and other partners nationally and globally to protect health from infectious diseases and the health effects from exposure to environmental hazards.
  5. We will make a unique contribution to the government’s aim for the UK to be a science superpower.
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UK Health Security Agency's research annual review

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) research annual review will include information about strategy, funding, impact and peer reviewed publications.

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